8 February 2010

Yesterday was an amazingly productive day!

I was able to finish Part One of my book! Huzzah! Of course, now, I have parts 2 to 4 left to do, but considering my progress beforehand, I’m glad I was able to put in some solid time. Curse you AP Bio!!!

Ariel Ceylan


1 December 2009


It’s December, start shopping yet?

I did, but there never seem to be enough hours in the day for me to get all of my work done without drowning in the stress.

No, I unfortunately haven’t written anything yet…I’m working on marketing and the business end of my books. Yes, I’m still editing my second book, but you know, there’s a ton of stuff that I still need to do.

That’s the story of my life, still need more time…..

Working working working.

23 November 2009

I tell ya, it’s hard to write when teachers are always giving you homework to do!

I’m always working, working, working, doing boring analytical thinking and writing.

This is right before Thanksgiving too!

So when I literally have five minutes to myself, I post or update something somewhere.

Thanks so much for reading!

28 May 2009


I totally forgot to tell everybody! I turned seventeen four days ago and I got my license on my first try! Yay provisional driving!

I finished editing my first ms, now all I have to do is put the edit marks on my word document and I’ll ship it off! ALL-NIGHTER tomorrow night!!!!!

So don’t freak out if I don’t post in a while, I have to finish so many things. Isn’t it funny how things all seem to come to a pimple at the same time?


18 May 2009


I finally finished The Chronicle of Zephyr! I am soooooo happy! Life is finally looking up despite how extremely swamped I am!

Gotta love life!


8 May 2009

Ok, so I got this awesome deal where I can publish two books for the price of one!  Totally rad!  Now all I have to do is edit, edit, edit!

That’s it for my update on my publishing process.  Otherwise, I’ve been in a coma all week.  I hate it when the Seniors leave, the rest of us juniors go through the seventh layer of the inferno and it is no where near the end of the school year!



Oh:  check out this site (copy into address pane) http://www.wordle.net

Wordle makes word clouds like the one below!

Wordle: Ceylan's Word Cloud

30 April 2009


It’s the end of the month already!  I haven’t posted in forever!  I’ve been writing every day for approximately 2 minutes on the bus.  Hey, I take what time I can get!  I can pump out 50 words in every 2 minutes, and I pick my words very carefully!  I am extending the moment, but I kinda want to be done already!  I have so many ideas for other series that I want to get started!  Some commenters had really great ideas about putting aside and starting anew, but I can’t do that…unless I go to the home!  GAH!  I am the type of person that needs closure otherwise I will be thinking about it all the time.

And I mean ALL THE TIME!

Oh, and on a ligher note, I will be taking the SATS…..again…..on Saturday. Wish me luck!