1) Facebook Friend (Victoria D):
I hope you’re having a great break! Anyhow, seeing as it is break, I FINALLY had time to read “The Tales of Whithith:The Assignment”! I started it today and finished it today (I totally couldn’t put it down!). Anyhow, I loved it; wonderful work!! Have you finished a second one?? LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU DO :]

A…lso note, Zili has officially been added to my list of fictional characters that I would like to have dinner with!

Have a fabulous day and awesome work!!!

2) Another Facebook Friend (Nordica F):
I’m thoroughly enjoying the work(s) of my fellow Grenadian authors. Permit me to talk about their books in the order in which I read them:
THE TALES OF WHITHITH, The Assignment by Ariel Ceylan—a big tale in a small book. Morals of that story? perseverance, courage, and learning to trust; all amidst a tremendous aventu……re that takes us through strange and unknown worlds. It’s a very imaginative story and a great first work by a very young author. Well done, Ariel. Congratulations

3) This third review is by an AllyKtaz Reporter, Patty.

As you may or may not remember, I had an interview with teen author Ariel Ceylan, who wrote The Tales of Whithith: The Assignment. She talked about the struggles to publish as a teen, and advice for other girls who want to become writers. Now, thanks to the lovely Miss Ceylan herself, I got to read and review The Assignment!

This book follows two characters throughout the world of Whithith, each with only one plan in mind: to complete the task they have been given. Zephyr, a young Sorcerer-In-Training, sets off on a quest to find the answers to a variety of questions. Success for him means advancing to the next level of sorcery…. and winning the affections of the lovely Sorceress-In-Training, Atl. On an entirely different mission is the teen warrior, Zili. As a female, she is faced with an entirely different set of challenges pertaining to respect and dignity as she struggles to achieve a much larger goal– assembling an army to defend seperate worlds from a mysterious disturbance, and protecting the supremely powerful Amulet of Arslania. Both Zephyr and Zili find themselves overcoming challenges outside of anything they had ever known, at it is only sheer determination that can allow them to emerge victorious.

This book is a fantastic read for anyone who enjoys fantasy, adventure, and a seemingly impossible challenge. With the destruction of many worlds at stake, the intensity of this read is matchless, and the unique aspects of a world apart from our own makes it extremely interesting. The peaks and pitfalls in the action keep the reader relentlessly turnining the page! I definitely reccommend it!


2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. hey ariel
    its allison murphy from that library program you did.
    i have one of these accounts.
    your awesome
    allison murphy

  2. This is a really amazing book!

    It’s short, sweet, and to the point.

    To tell you the truth, the characters in this book are vivacious and honest. They are 100% believable.

    This book is one of those “diamonds in the rough”, you know, treasures book publishers want to find.

    I can’t wait for the next book to come out!

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