22 March 2010

TODAY is such a great day!

I got a ton of stuff done!

First of all, my editor got half-way done with editing my book today!

Second, I have the final cover draft of my SECOND book! I’m on a roll!

Third, I set up a writing workshop in my town library to promote my first book!

Can this day get any better? NOPE!

Just wanted to update you!


Ariel Ceylan


9 March 2010


Thanks for checking out my blog, those of you that do!

I am pleased to report that my editor has worked on three chapters! This is great!

Unfortunately, I have not been writing so much lately. I have an event to run on Friday and I have been uber busy. Come this weekend, I’ll write for hours on end (because this writing drought is driving me crazy).

Thanks for checking in.

Ariel Ceylan