30 June 2011

I am terrible! I should have posted more sooner (you know, my once a week post.). Alas, I have been writing, cleaning, cooking, and working out quite a bit lately, so I have not been on the computer as much as I had hoped. There are some days when I don’t even go downstairs (where my computer is). I don’t check my e-mail, my facebook, my twitter, or my blog AT ALL at these times! I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be back online very very very soon!

Thanks so much for your support and for reading!

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Ariel Ceylan


Short Story: The Third Sun

Hey guys! Before you read my short please keep in mind the following:

1) Shorts are not my forte.
2) If you have any suggestions to make it visceral please write em in the comments.



The Sorceress-in-Training, Amelia, wandered into Rin, the northern land. Amelia was pursuing her assignment, her tasks. These tasks are mandatory for every Magic Child who has achieved the rank of Sorcerer-in-Training to become a full-fledged Sorcerer. Amelia dreamed of becoming the Head Mage, the ruler of all the Magic Children, and to do that, she needed to first become a Sorcerer. In effect, she made it her goal to be the first person to finish the assignment. Her assignment is to create two suns. These suns are to bring warmth to world, Arslania, as well as to Rin.

Rin is terribly cold. There, the majority of the year is without sunlight. The hardy humans who live there survive on meats, mainly fish. The inhabitants of Rin hunt through smell, their eyes have a limited uses. Amelia’s assignment, once completed, would bring them much opportunity to thrive. Amelia believed in her assignment and the promise it would bring those in need.

The terrain was icy, and Amelia’s view was limited. She knew that she was in Rin.

And now, to find human life…

Amelia’s steps were tentative as she extended her staff as a guide in the near-dark. She did not want to bump into anyone or anything. Hours were spent like this until Amelia heard a confident male voice. “Perhaps you should not travel in in a place where you cannot see.”


“I am not here out of my own will, sir. I was sent here, can you help me?”

“Help you with what?” His voice boomed over the blackened skies.

“First, I would like to meet you,” her tone was icy, yet there was a slight inflection in her voice.

“Ha! Very well,” the man walked towards Amelia and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Here I am.”

“Hello. My name is Amelia, what part of Rina re we in?”

“We are in Rast.”

So I am to call the inhabitants of Rast…Rastians?

“Who are you?”

“Does it matter?”

It would be nice to know your name…

“No, but it would be nice to learn the name of the first person I met in Rast.”

He laughted, “It would be nice, wouldn’t it? Come.” He took her hand and led her throughout the tundra. It only took them a few minutes for there to be some light in the distance and that light turned into a village the farther they walked.

“This is Rast?” inquired the Sorceress-in-Training with awe.

“Indeed it is.”

Amelia could finally see the man. He had long, straight, black hair that he kept in a single braid. He wore an array of rabbit and fox skins as his clothing and a bear skin for a cape. His eyes were a pale blue.

“How do you have light? There are no trees here.”

He smiled, he was missing a canine. “There are some trees a ways away, but we mainly use fire magic.”

“The Elementalist?”

“Yes, The Elemenalist taught us how to use fire long ago.”

Magic is truly wonderful…

“He is the forefather of my home, Sorcerer’s Tower. I am a Magic Child.”


“Yes, it is my mission to create two suns.”

“So the second one in the sky was you?”

Amelia laughed hesitantly, “Yes, but it is not powerful enough. It’s power source is weak. I need a stronger one.”

“How do you plan on getting the power source?”

“I was hoping to find someone who can help me find the power source.”

“Amelia, you should discuss this with the Elders.”

Amelia nodded, “Alright.”

The man led Amelia into the village. The place was a sprinkling of ice homes. Amelia’ guide called out, “We have a visitor! Amelia, the Sorceress-in-Training has come to bring us a sun!”

It took a few minutes for nearly the entire village to come out of the icework to see the commotion. They came out in ones and twos to meet Amelia. Their expressions were varied. From the Elders, Amelia received a welcoming smile. From the adults, Amelia received confused visages. From the children, Amelia received sparkling eyes of awe.

“This is Amelia,” boomed her guide, “She is a Sorceress-in-Training. My brothers, she is the one who is responsible for there being a second sun in the sky.”

The people gasped.

“Thank you for what you have done!” called out a woman from the crowd.

“You’re welcome…I could not imagine the joy I am receiving. I hope your days will be warmer, prosperous, and filled with light.” Amelia’s eyes were sparkling.

This is beautiful.

“Please stay a while, if there is anything you need, please ask,” gushed the woman.

There were some yeses from the crowd.

“Certainly, I hope you won’t mind it if I use your request now. You see, I am working on an assignment. This assignment is to create two suns and once I finish my assignment, I can finally become a Sorcerer. I request one of you to to help me find a power source for the other sun. If there is someone who has less responsibility than the others, please tell me where he or she is.”

There was some murmuring in the crowd. The people of Rast were consulting with each other who to offer. After a few minutes of discussion, they grew quiet. They had made their decision.

“I offer my son. He has ten autumns and he does not have many responsibilities, he is strong!” Offered the same woman from before.

“I too have few responsibilities, Amelia,” proffered the guide.

That was unexpected.

“Thank you, both of you. If you do not mind, I would very much like to speak with both of you privately after this.”

No need to meet the Elders…

“Of course,” smiled the woman.

“Thank you everyone for coming to meet our guest, Amelia.” The guide closed the impromptu meeting, and within moments, everyone returned to their activities. Amelia watched everyone leave.

That was fast.

The guide stood next to Amelia, “You’ll need a place to stay.”

Amelia smiled at the guide. It was the first time she paid attention to the detail of his physique. He was slender, but strong looking. Perhaps it was because of his high cheekbones and wide chin, he appeared to be a deceptively hard challenge to defeat. “Yes I will.”

“I’d recommend you ask the women for lodging, but is you cannot find an open door, you are welcome to stay with me.”

Amelia smiled.


Amelia did not notice a woman approach. It was the same woman who thanked the Sorceress-in-Training for her magic. “Excuse me miss, your name is Amelia, correct?”

The Sorceress-in-Training turned around, “Yes?”

“If you need somewhere to stay, you can stay with me.”

I remember her…

“You have a son, yes?”

“Yes, it is only my son and I.”

Amelia nodded, “Alright, I will stay with you for the night.”

“Thank you for giving me this honor.”


The two women walked to the Rastian’s home. There, the Rastian proceeded in preparing dinner. The Sorceress-in-Training saw a young boy. He had black hair and lazy eyes. He was as pale as snow. “Is this your son?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Hello there, young man.”

“Hello,” he pouted.

“Your mother told me that she would like you to help me with my assignment, would you like to help?”

He glared at his mother, “Fine.”

“Excellent,” smiled the Sorceress-in-Training. “Inside my bags are four stones. I want you to place them around the village. The blue stone goes to the north, the red stone to the south, the brown stone to the east and the orange stone to the west. Do you think you can handle that?”

He sighed, “Yes.”

“Excellent.” The Sorceress-in-Training turned to the boy’s mother, “Do you mind if I lie down before supper? I’ve had a long day’s travel.”

“Not at all,” smiled the woman.

“Thank you,” Amelia walked further into the ice home until she found what looked like a spare bed. She lied down, closed her eyes, and started chanting. A few hours passed before she was called to supper. Amelia promptly went to eat. The boy returned with the task completed. Discussion about exactly where the stones were located was the trio’s entire conversation. Once they finished eating, Amelia returned to bed where she chanted the night away.

The next morning came and Amelia was at the southern border of the village, she was standing behind the rock she asked the boy to place. “Thank you for your great kindness, but I must ask you for one more.” Amelia revealed her staff and placed it gently on the rock before her, “You will all now be a source of new light and hope for Arslania, I thank you all.”

She started chanting and the rock perimeter lit up in beams of yellow light. That light traveled up the village and created a dome. It started spinning and soon it was levitating. Within minutes, the dome was in the third and final sun.

Amelia smiled.

I’m finally done with my assignment and I will soon become a full Sorcerer! What a wonderful day it is today!

Tamara, Literally Out Loud (via Tamara Out Loud)

Tamara wrote a brilliant article on what it’s like to always have someone mispronounce your name.

Check it out.
Ariel Ceylan

Tamara, Literally Out Loud This post was Freshly Pressed on Wed., June 8, 2011. I'm delighted by all the comments but cannot possibly respond to them all. Please know I'm reading and enjoying each one. Thanks for visiting the blog! ________________________________________________________ People have been getting my name wrong my whole life. Hell, my own parents got my name wrong before I was born. I didn't stand a chance. As my mother tells it, she and my birthfather were … Read More

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Wyrmling: Naruto Fanfiction: Chapter Eight

Okey doke!

To all my fanfic readers: Here’s a poll for Naruto’s relationship status. I will write my story in accordance to whatever you vote here. So vote vote vote!

BTW, there is no limit on how many votes you put in.

Ariel Ceylan

5 June 2011

I’ve had an unproductive weekend. My cuz came over and it was quite the experience. While she was here, it was all fun and games. She’s exuberant, loves to dance, is charismatic, and the like. You know, the joys of having a kid, but when her parents came to pick her up, she got somber.


Parenting. Not so sure I want to do it. It’s nice to have fun with kids, but I don’t think that I’d enjoy disciplining them at all…

Thought for the day.