28 July 2009

I’ve been writing, I promise! I wrote a college essay today! Ha! Beat that! Seriously…..it’s kinda sad, but it doesn’t really matter, because I am busy at work….trying not to look like I’m falling asleep. I don’t want to get caught writing you know. I still have to finish the NNA Chronicles. I finished Zephyr’s, but I still need to finish Inaya, Starlynn, and the NNA. It’s a bit of a tall order, but I’ll get it done and finally start working on the dream snatchers, once I’m done with Halloween costumes of course…….

Thanks for reading.


25 July 2009

Ok, ok, ok, so I haven’t been posting! Sorry!

I have a lot of stuff on my mind…..working on costumes for Halloween…lolita….one of my friends wants to be sweet, and I want to be cyber goth loli. It is pretty intense.

Oh, but I am starting to work on the cover of my second book…It looks intense in my head, I am sure that it will look even more fantastic than what I imagine. I mean, come one, check out the post of my cover. Wowee!

Stay tuned.

Places to Find Inspiration for Writing Development

Places to Find Inspiration for Writing Development

When character building, it becomes evident that you need various sources of inspiration to truly define the personality and outward appearance you are looking for. The development of a character is one of the most vital aspects of writing: coming up with a name, significant features, and an individual moral fiber is all a part of making your character distinguishable from the many other figures within other novels. It helps to people-watch in different local venues throughout the day; depending on the size of your city, you should be able to view many “unusual” people who can serve to be your inspiration.
The mall is a prime location for people watching, since individuals of all walks of life love to spend some time perusing in the mall. There are shops that cater to every type of person, from Hot Topic to Casual Male XL to Sephora, leaving the opportunity open for you to visibly see a multitude of different types of personalities walking throughout the corridors.
Movie Theater
Simply watching the many individuals who visit the movies on a weekend night will serve to be beneficial in determining what kind of character you want to create. The influx of couples within the theater can also serve to inspire you when creating various match-ups between your character. Even when creating a fantasy world, there needs to be some type of substance to your characters, which you need to develop even before beginning the novel. Figuring out who your characters will be and what the main conflict will be is important to determine in the beginning stages.
The park is an excellent place to see different types of personalities as well: there are the families, the joggers, and the bird-watchers. Drawing on these types of individuals in a more nature-friendly setting can help you determine if your character will be outdoorsy or a more withdrawn, interior character. Simply observing many different types of people in different venues is an integral step in character development. Drawing on people around you is not the best way in which to develop characters for a novel, which is why you need to venture out of your normal group to find individuals who are unique and thereby substantial towards determining a foundation for your novel.
Once you lock down key characters, the real fun begins and you can start to flesh out your novel; without the foundation of character development your novel will not be the masterpiece you hope for which is why characters are such a significant part of writing.
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17 July 2009

I am guilty of not working on anything for the longest time, but my room is a crazy mess,and I am trying to find it again! I did read Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde……boy was it interesting.

Also, I have a guest blogger named Sarah Russel. She writes on

9 July 2009

I am taking my summer seriously, you know working and doing all these crazy things.

Right now, for my writing, I am researching. Doing lots and lots and lots of research. I like to research things that interest me and learning is really great. This next series that I will work on (after I finish the Chronicles) will be a Psychological Horror and Modernism beast. I am really excited to start working on it, and quite frankly, these characters have been driving me crazy with all the possibilities.

That’s what my mind does, run possibilities. However, books are usually different when I write, I no longer am the author. I am merely the humble chronicler. The characters take over, I just give nudges in the direction the story is supposed to go once in a while. Is that what God(s) is/are like?

7 July 2009

With a unanimous votes, I will name my epilogue “Fall from Grace”.

I’ve been editing, it’s the final editing, but it still takes forever…I can’t wait until it is official!

Thanks for reading.

1 July 2009


I’ve been working like the dickens, (9-5 and two train rides!) but I have been really successful! Namely because I finished the “epilogue” of the “Quartet of Middles”. Now I have naming issues! I have two really great ideas, both of them could work, but I can’t choose. SOOOOO readers, please help me choose!


Also, here is a copy of one of the earlier pictures of the cover. Mind you, it belongs to whoever designed it in Xlibris.

Concept Cover Art Assignment