Shout out to Book Reviewers!

Hey There!

It would be really great if someone would help me out! I’m a published author and I’m looking for book reviewers. If you’re interested in child/adolescent fantasy books! Please comment. Or if you know someone who reviews, please respond! This is greatly appreciated!

Ariel Ceylan


Tardis-tastic Dress

I was just poking around the internet and I found a gorgeous dress! It has the tardis on it as the corset.

Tardis Dress

Beautiful construction

I just needed to share this with you guys. It has nothing to do with writing, unless you want to paint a scene here.

Keep positive and keep on writing.
Ariel Ceylan

13 August 2011

I have been terribly busy lately. I have been trying to write a play (you have to be in a CERTAIN mood to write it…) and I have been working on transferring schools. Soon I’ll be back to my usual one post a week.

Until then.

Keep positive and keep on writing.
Ariel Ceylan

2 August 2011

I just saw the Pascack Press today and I found a certain article in it. I’m ecstatic that the interview went well and the article finally made it in!

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Ariel Ceylan

19 July 2011

Thank you Montvale Public Library for allowing me to have a book signing there! Thank you everybody who came! I greatly appreciate your support!

As an aside, please comment and respond to my posts because it helps me write and update. I find that I produce more when I am held accountable to someone other than myself.

Thanks for reading,

Ariel Ceylan